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Green Salad with Fresh Orange Juice Dressing

Don’t we all love eating salad when the weather is getting hot or warm? Salad is often served as an appetizer before a larger meal, but can also be a side dish, or a main course. Salad is also suitable for us who want to keep fit or on-diet .Of course, if we keep off from using the high calories yummy-delicious dressing..But to eat healthy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our taste bud,right? I love Romaine lettuce mix with green apple and drizzle with some fresh squeesh orange on it.Here is my simple Green Salad with Fresh Orange Juice Dressing..


1 head Romania lettuce,wash and cut
1 piece tomato,wash and diced
1 piece green apple,wash and diced
2 hard boiled eggs,shell off and cut halve
1 handful shredded jicima
1 handful shredded carrot
*wash and mix above ingredients well*


2 fresh oranges,cut halves squeesh
1 lime,cut halve and squeesh
1 tbsp sea salt
1 tsp ground white pepper.0
1 tbsp granulated sugar

4 tbsp olive oil
*mix above ingredients in a small bowl*

1:Wash and cut all fruits and vegetables,strain and set aside.

2:Wash and cut fresh oranges and lime into halve,squeesh into a small bowl,then mix with sea salt,sugar,olive oil and ground white pepper.Mix well ,check the seasoning then drizzle the orange juice mixture over your green salad.

3:Add hard boiled egg over the salad and serve.

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