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Pan-Seared Ribeye with Shrimp and Macaroni

Steak is a very common meat served as dinner in any many Western restaurant and home.Most of the time steak lover preferred to cook their steak on the grill then pan-fried.But to get a good cut of steak is not really hard.Every meat market or supermarket do carry high end cut of steak.If you don’t mind to wet your hand ,cooking steak at home is not hard at all.In facts it’s really easy and entertaining!! One words:Priceless!!


2 pieces of rib eye cut about 1 1/2 thick

2 tsp ground black pepper

2 tsp sea salt

6 large shrimp,peeled and deviened

2 tbsp butter

1 pack Kraft macaroni,cook accordingly to the instruction on the box

2 plum tomato,washed and sliced


1:Season salt and ground pepper on the rib eye for 30 minutes or longer.Heat aluminum skillet at high heat,rub some butter on the skillet before place the steak on the pan.Pan-fry both side ,about 5 minutes each side.Again it’s depend on how well you want it:medium,rare or well done..

2:While the steak is pan-fried,cook macaroni accordingly to the instruction on the box.Then sliced the tomato.

3:Remove steak from skillet to plates,add in some butter before toss in the shrimps.Pan-fry both side of shrimp:20 seconds each side before remove to the steak plate.Do not over cooked.

4:Serve steak immediately while it’s warm.

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