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Fresh Beet,Strawberry,Carrot,Pineapple and Apple Juice

Nowadays, I make fresh juice for Mishu almost everyday. Although she don’t likes the beets taste but she still able to finish the whole glass at the end of the day.I tried to incorporate various nectar fruits like strawberry,apple,grape and pineapple with the beetroot to enhance the juice flavor.


4 medium size beets,scrape clean and remove both end
10 large strawberries,washed and remove top stem
2 apples,remove cord
2 slices of pineapple
4 medium carrot,clean and remove stem

Make 2 large glass of juice


1:Wash and clean all the fruits and vegetables,soak in cold water before use.(Do not needs to peel) Clean juice extractor machine,assemble all the parts in place.Make sure all the parts are in place before begin.

2:Feed the juice and vegetables one by one into the feeder.Alternate feeding fruits and vegetables when extracting the juice into 2 portion or glasses to get the well balance mixed in taste.

3:After all fruits and vegetables are crushed,recycle all the pulps again to get more juice if the pulps is still wet.

4:Toss some ice and serve the healthy juice immediately.

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